The West Coast Lumberjack Show

Welcome & Bienvenue

Jousting West Coast Lumberjack Show is an exhilarating showcase of fearless skills and daredevil displays, all in a setting that can be transported to nearly any location imaginable. Let us take care of the setup and worry, while you enjoy the dazzling display, infused with a rich sense of history and wonderment. With several acts and a wide variety of events, we blend humour, heroics, and showmanship to create an unforgettable experience. West Cost Lumberjack show, book your dates now.

2015 Tour Dates - Click event for map

January 31
January 31 to February 1
February 14
April 25
June 27 to July 12
July 1
July 18
August 8
August 21 to September 7
August 15 and 16
August 22 and 23
September 4 to 7
September 19 and 20
October 12